Listed here are some of my projects that I think are worth showcasing, have a look and see for yourself

More projects can be found on my Github page and my secondary Github page.

Ghostbot (website) preview
Ghostbot (website) more_vert
Ghostbot (website) close

Ghostbot is a discord bot that is themed around the Danny Phantom cartoon

DuncteBot preview
DuncteBot more_vert
DuncteBot close

DuncteBot is a multipurpose discord bot that contains features like music and moderation

Mystery number preview
Mystery number more_vert
Mystery number close

Mistery number is a guess the number game where you have to guess a random number that is being generated between the limits that you can set yourself.

This project is available in both a C# application and a PHP Laravel application.

VaultJS preview
VaultJS more_vert
VaultJS close

VaultJS was a school assignment to get us started with JavaScript

GhostBot preview
GhostBot more_vert
GhostBot close

GhostBot is a chat bot for the Discord app that is mainly focused on the Danny Phantom community

StormSMP website preview
StormSMP website more_vert
StormSMP website close

A fan made website for StormSMP minecraft smp.

Studio van den Broek preview
Studio van den Broek more_vert
Studio van den Broek close

Studio van den Broek hired me to work on their online store and fix some of the problems they had with it.